Anzac Day vs Australia Day vs Melbourne Cup


This Sporting Life: Ben goes running

Here is the first in a semi-regular series of posts where I undertake a physical activity in order to remind the world why I was picked last every phys-ed class. First up is running, an ordeal I have been subjecting myself to for health reasons for the past two years.

No longer does my youthful metabolism allow me to maintain my health by eating Subway and viewing copious amounts of DVDs. To quote Karl Marx, labour is motion and I am forced to labour if I want to keep in motion. Continue reading

Ethnic cleansing for the Australian foodie

Diners at the Hyde Park Hotel in Perth may have seen an odd item on the menu, an Asian Taco. Intrigued by this new fusion food my wife ordered it one night and was disappointed, but not overly surprised, when she was served Sang Choy Bow instead. Continue reading

Seven Deadly Sins of the AFL Media

This year I managed to make it to round 1 of the AFL season before becoming heartily sick of the whole media circus that surrounds. This is actually a record as I usually can’t make it through the NAB Cup without reaching for my Eddie McGuire voodoo doll. Here are my seven deadly sins of the AFL media:

Overusing the phrase AFL: Unless it is one of the 18 Australian Football League clubs, it isn’t an AFL team. Certain media outlets (COUGH The Australian COUGH) might class every instance of a Sherrin being kicked in anger as an AFL match, even if it between North Albury-Wodonga and the Etamoogah Sheepshaggers, but that doesn’t make it right. See those two boys in Man U shirts kicking a round ball? They’re aren’t playing Premier League . . .

Click here to read Seven Deadly Sins of the AFL Media on the Roar Website.

Once a Zombie Swagman and other Australian literature/horror mashups

After books by Top Gear hosts and vampires-as-a-metaphor-for-sex, the most I also plan to move in to the British children's market with The Famous Five Exorcise Timmy.populargenre in publishing today must be classic literature/horror mashups. The best seller lists and remainder bins are swollen with titles like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Android Karenina and Lady Chatterley’s Slayer. Okay, that last one isn’t available but I guarantee someone is pitching it to Random House right now. If classic European tales can be revived with a dash of horror, then why not Australian literature? Here are six  scary twists on popular Aussie stories. Continue reading