Seven Deadly Sins of the AFL Media

This year I managed to make it to round 1 of the AFL season before becoming heartily sick of the whole media circus that surrounds. This is actually a record as I usually can’t make it through the NAB Cup without reaching for my Eddie McGuire voodoo doll. Here are my seven deadly sins of the AFL media:

Overusing the phrase AFL: Unless it is one of the 18 Australian Football League clubs, it isn’t an AFL team. Certain media outlets (COUGH The Australian COUGH) might class every instance of a Sherrin being kicked in anger as an AFL match, even if it between North Albury-Wodonga and the Etamoogah Sheepshaggers, but that doesn’t make it right. See those two boys in Man U shirts kicking a round ball? They’re aren’t playing Premier League . . .

Click here to read Seven Deadly Sins of the AFL Media on the Roar Website.


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