Ethnic cleansing for the Australian foodie

Diners at the Hyde Park Hotel in Perth may have seen an odd item on the menu, an Asian Taco. Intrigued by this new fusion food my wife ordered it one night and was disappointed, but not overly surprised, when she was served Sang Choy Bow instead.

I assume the owners chose to advertise this popular Chinese dish as a taco in order to save confusion among enthusiastic but still conservative West Australian diners. As a public service, I have compiled a few more alternative names for popular foreign foods to make them culturally palatable.

Lamb Korma: Indian Sunday roast.                       Dim Sum: Asian buffet.

Ratatouille: French vegetarian option.                    Ferrero Rocher: Italian Fantales.

Witchetty Grubs: Aboriginal cashews.                   Chiko Rolls: Australian Salmonella.


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