Four funny real estate listings from country WA

I am a sub-editor for a regional newspaper group and a part of my job involves copy editing articles for the real estate pages. These articles are often written by the real estate agents themselves and quite often I will read a turn of phrase that makes me burst out laughing. Here are some that caught my eye. Continue reading


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad?

In 500 years time I predict some futuristic historian, possibly working at the Port Hedland campus of Rinehart University, will undertake a study of 21st Century English and come to some surprising conclusions.

He or she will find evidence of “medal” used a a verb and “shortage” as the collective noun for a a group of skilled workers. But the biggest discovery will be the conclusion that the word “big” meant “evil” or “tyranically powerful”. Continue reading

A Dear John letter to the Australian Olympic team

Dear James, Mitchell, Liesel etc

This is an incredibly hard letter to write but the time has come to end our relationship.

While the phrase “it’s not you, it’s me” is a cliché it is unfortunately the truth in our situtation.

Do not take this as a slight on your actions but during the past 10 days some awkward truths have come to light. Continue reading