2013 AFL Grand Final Bingo Card




A 16th Century theatre critic reflects on the industry

blog-shakespeare Let it be known that in the year of Our Lord 1600 the Muses departed this sceptred isle, never to return.

The English no longer possess the art to fashion an entertainment as virginal as Her Majesty.

This conclusion weighed heavy on my soul as I contemplated the bleak reality that London must endure yet another bloody Hamlet reboot. Continue reading

The microparty’s over

It’s lazy to start with a cliche but this week’s ululations over microparties elected to the Senate is a perfect example of how long a week can be in politics.

First lets start with the victors. On the morning of the election Frances and Bridget Abbott’s father warned against “toying” with minor parties because “we need a strong and stable government”.

However, by Monday senior Liberal Senator George Brandis was championing diversity, saying “it’s sometimes refreshing to see that the major parties don’t have a monopoly on access to Parliament”. Continue reading