Political correctness gone mainstream

Bloody PC hippy Source: smh.com.au

The popular view of political correctness is that it is an exclusively left wing phenomenon.
Two seasonally appropriate examples of “political correctness gone mad” are craven shopping centres removing Nativity scenes so as not to offend Muslims and bushfires caused by Green/ALP opposition to backburning.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison made use of this public perception on Monday when he defended his use of the term “illegal arrival” to describe asylum seekers who arrived by boat. Continue reading


Look mum, I did a journalism

As if the prospect of encountering Christopher Pyne on campus didn’t terrify university students enough, this month they awoke to the news there were more people studying journalism than there are working journalists.

It’s a grim statistic so in order to offer a fleeting burst of hope, I would like to share a few journalistic secrets on what employers are looking for. Continue reading

Costume dramas

Source: Aimo at Deviant Art

Source: Aimo at Deviant Art

One of ironies of my life is the older I get, the more costume parties I am invited to. Not a month goes by without someone insisting the only way to celebrate reaching the same age their mother was when she had them is to dress as my favourite superhero.

Come Monday morning there is an exhibition’s worth of photos on Facebook of otherwise sensible public servants and engineers dressed as Breaking Bad characters.

It’s not how young Ben imagined adulthood back in the early 1990s. I pictured myself getting married (tick), buying a house (tick) and owning a flying car (seriously, who do we have to give millions of dollars in government bailouts to to make this happen?). Continue reading

New showbags for 2013

blog-showbagsBarnett Beetle showbag $2

Barnett Beetle chocolates with 90% cocoa for that extra bitter taste.

Packet of yummy solar-flavoured Backflips.

Novelty chocolate dispenser ( AAA batteries not included).

Fremantle Dockers showbag $10 $2

Club polo shirt in either purple, violet, magenta or lilac.

Lock of Nat Fyfe’s hair.

Paperback edition of How to Lose Friends and Irritate People by Hayden Ballantyne.

 Breaking Bad showbag $6

Officially licensed Breaking Bad-brand Whizz Fizz.

Walt glasses and skullcap.

Spoiler-negating headphones.

Rinehart family showbag $2000

Full collection of Rinehart family figurines finally available in the one bag.

Snack pack of Iron Oreos

Sense of entitlement.

 Australian Test XI showbag* $10

Michael Clarke poster.

Michael Clarke drink bottle.

Plans to clone Michael Clarke.

*Please note this showbag will be unavailable in Perth next year