When will You People learn?

Do you think the fuckwit Collingwood  fans and their shit-for-brain president will ever get it into their retarded skulls that abusive language is not accpetable?

What that 13-year-old bitch said to Adam Goodes was so insulting but I shouldn’t be surprised a skank like her doesn’t understand how hurtful certain words can be to a person.

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Keeping the faith


Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I prayed last month. And not just a quick mumble before the Sunday roast but a proper “Are you there God?, It’s me, Ben” supplication.

It has been a while since I have been to any place of worship so the gnawing sense of guilt and obligation propelled me to a pew three rows from the front.

The old place – about 4km from the Perth CBD – may be considered sacred but whoever does the maintenance is less than devout.  The paint is fading and anyone average height or above has their ears around their knees when taking a seat. Continue reading

The power of pun


As someone who wrangles words for a living, I have fondness for puns. I always hope the English football team loses simply because I love the anguished wit of the Fleet Street headlines that inevitably follow.

These losses cause the tabloid press to dedicate its energy to writing pithy lines like Rout of Africa and Eins, zwei, drei your eyes rather than hacking in to Hugh Grant’s mobile phone. Surely everyone is a winner in this situation. Except the English football team.

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Seven Deadly Sins of the AFL Media

This year I managed to make it to round 1 of the AFL season before becoming heartily sick of the whole media circus that surrounds. This is actually a record as I usually can’t make it through the NAB Cup without reaching for my Eddie McGuire voodoo doll. Here are my seven deadly sins of the AFL media:

Overusing the phrase AFL: Unless it is one of the 18 Australian Football League clubs, it isn’t an AFL team. Certain media outlets (COUGH The Australian COUGH) might class every instance of a Sherrin being kicked in anger as an AFL match, even if it between North Albury-Wodonga and the Etamoogah Sheepshaggers, but that doesn’t make it right. See those two boys in Man U shirts kicking a round ball? They’re aren’t playing Premier League . . .

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