It’s the little things

It’s a crowded world we live in. Six billion people crammed in to 30 per cent of the planet’s surface area, minus desolate wastelands like Antarctica and Canberra.

We are as different as we are prodigious. There are more than 7000 languages spoken, 832 in Papua New Guinea alone. Burping after a meal is supposedly good manners in China but don’t try that bit of multiculturalism at an Asutralian Sunday roast. Humanity is so diverse we can’t even agree on which game is called football.

You’d think surrounded by all this variation the xenophobes among us would let the small differences slide and instead concentrate their intolerance on people who were genuinely exotic. Continue reading


Pretentious dude food takes the cake

So let me get this straight: A greasy hamburger made by a minimum wage teenager is “fast food” but an equally greasy pork bun with onion rings made by some tattooed hipster is “dude food”. That’s the lesson I took from Sunday night’s episode of MasterChef.

Dude food is the apparently “junk food for hard-core foodies, evocatively tasty snacks such as fried chicken, mini-burgers and pork buns, meticulously made with only the best ingredients”. I’d call it something else but I can’t think of anything that rhymes with wanker. Continue reading

How hipsters can save the newspaper industry

Newspapers need a new audience. One that doesn’t care about things like popularity or convenience. One that would value the industry’s 300-year history and appreciate form over function. In short, newspapers need hipsters.

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