When will You People learn?

Do you think the fuckwit Collingwood  fans and their shit-for-brain president will ever get it into their retarded skulls that abusive language is not accpetable?

What that 13-year-old bitch said to Adam Goodes was so insulting but I shouldn’t be surprised a skank like her doesn’t understand how hurtful certain words can be to a person.

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The missing stories of the Asian Century

This Friday the Chinese Communist Party will hold its 18th National Congress.

The event will anoint Xi Jinping as President as well as making decisions on an economy that, while still outperforming the rest of the world by a considerable margin, is starting to slow down. Think of it as the ultimate gathering of faceless men. Continue reading

@HenryLawson: Classic Australian authors in 2012

It is a cliché now to speculate whether Shakespeare, were he alive today, would be working in Hollywood, churning out scripts for hits like The Full Montague and Shrew 2: Katharina Strikes Back.

Jane Austen would probably find a publisher if she included more bondage scenes while the BBC could keep Oscar Wilde on retainer just in case something happens to Stephen Fry.

But what of Australia’s cultural champions? Where would Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson and Norman Lindsay find work if they were to stumble out of some Federation-era time machine? Continue reading

How hipsters can save the newspaper industry

Newspapers need a new audience. One that doesn’t care about things like popularity or convenience. One that would value the industry’s 300-year history and appreciate form over function. In short, newspapers need hipsters.

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Timeline of a media controversy

8am Monday: Public figure John Smith causes a furore following a breakfast radio interview/off-the-cuff tweet/chat with Mel and Kochie (delete whichever inappropriate) by accidentally giving his honest opinion on the issue of the day.

8.30am: The president of the Australian Federation of Vested Interests reels off a media release calling Smith’s comments extreme and demands either a public apology or more government subsidies for local manufacturers.

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