Other sightings of Osama Bin Laden

“You can make more money with a flop than with a hit.” Source: Al Jazeera

Osama Bin Laden was pulled over for speeding in 2005, according to a Pakistani report released by Al Jazeera. Here are some other sightings of the terrorist mastermind.

2010: Block C Section 2 Row J seat 26 New Zealand vs Paraguay World Cup match singing Slice of Heaven with two backpackers from Rotorua.

2008: After two months as an understudy, finally gets his chance when Tony Danza fails to turn up for a weekend matinee of the Las Vegas production of The Producers.

2006: Due to his views on the role of women and religion in public life, was briefly the nominated Republican candidate for Texas’ 28th congressional district during the US midterm elections.

2004: Shares his secrets on gardening in a harsh climate as part of the final episode of Burke’s Backyard.

2002: Disguises himself as a footman in order to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her Golden Jubilee banquet but fails due to Prince Philip’s “No Darkies in the Dining Room” edict.


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