Geek capitalism: resistance is futile

Source: The Atlantic Wire

If hippies were in full bloom by 1967 and punks at their loudest in 1976 then 2012 is the year geeks came out of comic book stores and into the streets.

The two biggest films of the year, The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, are based on superheroes while locally Channel 9 is so confident of the nerdy appeal of The Big Bang Theory, it screens the show seven days a week.

Unlike the saxophone cool of his Democratic predecessor Bill Clinton, Barack Obama prefers to wield a toy lightsabre during photo opportunities. “Be careful” bullies are warned,” that computer nerd you wedgie today will probably be your boss tomorrow”.

But this success, like Peter Parker’s transformation from a weedy teenager to heroic Spider-man, comes at a price. Continue reading


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