Girls and premature acclamation

What is the deal with aprons? Source: New York Times

An unfortunate aspect of current entertainment writing is the tendency to rush to judgment on new artists, ranking them against their predecessors before they have even had the chance to go to rehab or give their child a stupid name.

This month The Vine devoted more than 1000 words to explore the notion that Girls is the new Seinfeld. Continue reading


Die Hard by the book

Source: Span Daniel, Fork Party

The only interesting aspect about the latest Die Hard sequel being foisted on an unsuspecting audience is that fact that it is a Die Hard film.

This may seem counter-intuitive but let me explain. The original Die Hard (AKA the best Christmas movie ever) was based on a novel called Nothing Lasts Forever. Die Hard 2 was also based on a book, 58 Minutes by Walter Wager while the third film began life as a Lethal Weapon sequel before the studio replaced Riggs and Murtagh with John McClane and Mace Windu. Continue reading

A Modest Proposal for the Temple Mount

Source: The Economist

This blog tries to keep a light and frothy tone, avoiding controversial subjects and focussing on people who talk in the cinema or the name of the next royal baby.

But occasionally, a geopolitical problem presents itself that everyone, including frivolous websites, should take an interest in. One such dilemma is the sovereignty of the Temple Mount in Israel.

Like a sitcom character who has two dates on the same night, our omniscient God made the Temple Mount a holy site to both Muslims and Jews. Continue reading