The change we can be bothered with

imageBritish comedienne Tracey Ullman has a sketch where she plays Harry Potter author JK Rowling going through customs at an American airport.

The customs officer recognises her and asks for advice on becoming a writer. She tells him to quit his job, go on the dole, head to a cafe and write all day,  everyday.

When told he would prefer to keep his job and possibly do some writing at night, Rowling/Ullman brutally replies “That might work, but probably not”. Continue reading


Updated wedding anniversary gifts


blog-wedding final

What is wrong with the punks of today?


When I read the public reaction to John Lydon’s  controversial interview on The Project on Tuesday, I imagine it being dictated in the tone of those letters to the editor complaining about The Youth of Today.

“I say,” they bluster  “this Johnny Rotten chap sounds absolutely ghastly! Why, oh why do they let oiks like him on the television? Something must be done!”

These latter-day curmudgeons seem to be shocked that a former punk rocker acted like, well, a bit of punk. Continue reading

There’s no “i” in boredom

She’s bored and she’s the one in the photos. Source: A Drop in The Bucket

As sensible, rational adults, I’m sure we all agree that looking at somebody else’s holiday pictures is basically torture.

Unfortunately holiday slide nights, like taxes and jury duty, are an unavoidable part of the social contract that prevents us from becoming barbarians or, at the very least, people who talk during the movie.

We are duty bound to celebrate our friends’ return from the wilds of New Zealand by grimly viewing a pictorial presentation longer than Lord of the Rings. Continue reading