Five awesome flags we won’t see at the Olympics


Quoth the writer evermore . . .

THERE are a handful of things in this world that both impress and perplex me at the same time.

The Rolling Stones are one. The songs are great but do they not realise how ridiculous they look tottering across the stage in their late 60s? Continue reading

This Sporting Life: Ben plays golf

A friend of mine proved himself a supreme optimist when he invited me to play golf. Me. They guy so uncoordinated he didn’t learn to tie his shoes until he was 12.

And not only did he asked me to play, he also provided a very natty club polo shirt and cap to wear. How could I say no?

After being fitted out with a set of what I now know are not called golf “sticks”, I quickly googled the rules (apparently you don’t want the highest score) and was ready to hit the greens. Continue reading

With apologies to Martin Niemoller . . .

First they came for the bank tellers, and I didn’t speak out because I prefer to use the ATM.

Then they came for the book sellers, and I didn’t speak out because I could get the entire Game of Thrones series for $20 from Amazon.

Then they came for the clothing manufacturers, and I didn’t speak out because I buy all my tops in Bali.

Then they came for my job and there was no one left to speak out for me.

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